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  2. amberlalieu@gmail.com

    Maastricht // Antwerp (currently)

    Instagram: @lalieuamber


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  4. Practise-Practice

    Practise-Practice: (Pre) Master exhibition Sint Lucas Antwerp. From 26 June to 4 July daily 13-17h, Sint Lucas Antwerp (BE)

  5. Limburg Biënnale 

    Limburg Biënnale at Marres Maastricht (NL). From 5 september - 15 november 2020. 


  6. Final Start

    Final Start- Bachelor & (Pre) Master exhibition Sint Lucas Antwerp. From 17-20 september 2020, Sint Lucas Antwerp (BE).

  7. Between there & there

    Between There and There’’ is an exhibition that contemplates site-specific interventions in urban and virtual space. Interwoven into the public domain, this project is a result of the collaborative efforts of the Premaster students of Fine Art & Design of Sint Lucas Antwerp.Location: Antwerp public (and virtual) space (BE).

    The exhibition will open on the 16th of June and will be up & running until the 30th of June 2020.

    Organized by and with works of:
    Hannah Luyten, Odis Babski, Seonmin Park, Gloria Avgust, John Padrino, Dries Lips, Ezra Babski, Iren Loontjens, Magalie Fierens, Noortje de Brouwer, Amber Lalieu & Robbe Snoeys